Popular Bennettsville store closing

Popular Bennettsville store closing

Hi-Lites clothing store is closing after 25 years in business in downtown Bennettsville according to officials with the Bennettsville Chamber of Commerce.

They said the store, which is located on Main street, is expected to close within the month.

We called Hi-Lites headquarters in Polkton, North Carolina, but officials said they aren't commenting on the closing.

On the company's website you'll see this: "Hi-lites buys close-outs and special deals and passes the savings on to you. Because we have been in business over fifty years, we have many established buying contacts in the New York Market and get great deals that many other stores never even hear about. "

Many in the Bennettsville community said they loved shopping at the store and it'll be hard to imagine the downtown district without it.

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