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Police warn, parents teach, kids listen

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Myrtle Beach police are still looking for a man they say tried to sexually assault two young teenage girls on two separate days. The girls, 12 and 14 years old, were from out of state on vacation with their families in Myrtle Beach. But they say they were alone at the time of the attempted assaults.

On Sunday, the 14 year old girl says she got onto an elevator at the Captain's Quarters hotel on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach when a man followed her on to the elevator.

She says as soon as the doors shut, the man began to try and sexually assault her. She says she was eventually able to fight free when the doors opened back up and she ran away.

Then on Tuesday, the 12 year old girl reported a similar incident, but this time the man reportedly waited until she got off the elevator, followed her down a hallway and tried to assault her there. She was also able to escape.

Police have developed a composite sketch of the suspect.

He's described as a white man, 38-40 years old, around 5' 8'' inches tall with an average build, sandy blonde mixed with gray hair and a receding hair line.

Parents say this is why they stress certain lessons to their kids.

"I tell them to stay together constantly," said Celia Cook, who's visiting the Grand Strand from North Carolina, "they're never allowed to go anywhere by themselves, they have their cell phones on them - 911 is on speed dial. If they can't be with each other, they have to be with me or their father," continued Cook.

Cari Rich, visiting Myrtle Beach from New York, has similar rules for her son. "He has to have a buddy system and he has a cell phone."

Kids are proving that, sometimes, they actually do listen.

"My parents always tell me to stay away from strangers... because they might kidnap you," said eight year old Darien Brown.

Nine year old Grace Vaughn seems to also be heeding her parents advice. She said her parents have told her "not to go on elevators by yourself and wander off because there are mean people and they can take you anytime and you'll never see your family or friends again," said the North Carolina native, with her mother at her side.

Meanwhile, police warn that you should always be aware of your surroundings, look for anyone suspicious, anyone lingering in an area for no apparent reason and anyone who seems to be leering at children. Police say these should all raise a red flag as far looking for potential predators.

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The man in the composite sketch remains on the loose, if you have any information call Myrtle Beach police.

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