Possible drive-by shooting at Horry County gun shop: 'This was a coward'

Credit to Nick Papantonis

Horry County police responded to the Elite Firearms Gun Shop Thursday night for what the shop owner said was a drive-by shooting.

The shop was not open when it happened and an employee who works at the shop said it happened around 10:30 p.m.

ABC 15’s Nick Papantonis was at the scene and saw damage to the shop. He said the front door was smashed up.

According to an Horry County police report, officers arrived and found the front door shattered, but no signs that anyone had broken in.

"It did not appear that anyone had been able to make entry through the door because there were bars on the inside of the door itself," the report stated.

Elite Firearms Gun Shop is located on Waccamaw Boulevard, right off of Highway 501 just before Myrtle Beach.

Video surveillance showed that a white ford pick-up trick has driven by the business and within seconds glass could be seen falling from the door, according to the police report.

"It was found that the door was shot from a small caliber bullet (potentially a .25 cal) as pieces were found on scene but too damaged to be of evidentiary value," the report stated.

The owner told police that a vehicle had parked in the side lot for a time and appeared to enter other nearby businesses before the shooting, according to the report.

Police will check with nearby businesses to see if there is any other footage that could help identify the shooter.

No one was hurt and nothing was stolen, according to the shop’s owner Yonnie Waknine.

He says panic and frustration set in when he heard about what happened.

"My biggest concern was the people of the community. In my eyes I have a huge responsibility here. We have over 100 thousand dollars worth of firearms here that we don't want to get out illegally to the public," he said.

He thinks his business was targeted.

"I think there was some kind of motive behind it. They were driving around and scoping the building out before it actually happened," he said.

This is the second time in a year he's had to call police. Back in February someone tried to break in through the back door.

Since then they've upgraded their security system.

"We do whatever we can to keep people out," he said.

But, he says there's always a risk in his line of work.

"Unfortunately some people out there just don't have the best intentions and unfortunately this was a coward who decided to do something at night and try to hide himself. Thank God nobody was hurt."

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