Worker injured in accidental shooting at Darlington pawn shop


Police responded to an accidental shooting Friday morning at the Palmetto Gun Shop on South Main Street in Darlington, according to Darlington Police Chief Daniel Watson.

Watson said a person inside the store picked up a gun without realizing it was loaded.

He said that person pulled the trigger accidentally, shooting a worker in the store.

Police said the worker did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Watson said two detectives reviewed surveillance video and it showed that the shooting was clearly an accident.

He said no charges will be filed in this case.

Watson said, when you're handling a gun, you need to always treat it as if the gun is loaded.

Friday evening, Watson released the following statement:

Today there was an accidental shooting at the Palmetto Gun and Pawn on South Main in the city of Darlington. The victim an employee of the store was struck with a single bullet. The injury although it came from a firearm was minor in nature and the employee is expected to make a full recovery. The bullet was fired from a loaded gun that was in the store at the time of the incident. The person who fired the round was not an employee or a customer of the store but a guest of the employee struck with the round. The shooting has been determined to have been accidental in nature and no charges are expected to be filed. This should serve as a warning to others of how exactly dangerous firearms can be if not handled properly. No weapon should ever be treated as if it is unloaded. Additionally a person should never point a firearm at another person whether they believe it is loaded or not. Luckily no one was killed in this incident but they could very easily have been.
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