Police plan to test edibles for traces of marijuana in Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach police are looking to crack down on the illegal use of cannabid oil with traces of THC in them.

The department plans to work with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to hold businesses that sell CBD based edibles accountable.

Part of this is because edibles aren't regulated and some could be sold that have THC in them rather than CBD oil.

Myrtle Beach officials said, because these edible products are being advertised to children and families along Ocean Boulevard, they want to be sure they're safe.

Reputable sellers of CBD products said everyone should be very careful when buying CBD edibles because some could contain synthetic CBD that can cause major health issues

"Synthetic CBD is worst case scenario that could actually cause adverse health effects. That’s when you do run into chances of overdose or being put in the hospital from taking a CBD supplement, that’s with a synthetic CBD, and that’s generally the only time you stand a chance of that," said David Spang, owner of Coastal Green Wellness.

Spang said this is the main reason regulation of the industrial hemp is needed.

Myrtle Beach Police said if they do find traces of THC in the oil, they could charge the sellers. They plan to start testing edibles from businesses along Ocean Boulevard this week.

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