Police investigating after 'suspicious' interaction with girl in Florence neighborhood

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Florence police are investigating an incident that happened Tuesday on Cheraw Drive in Florence where a man's interaction with a 10-year-old girl seemed "suspicious," according to police.

The report says the girl was at the mailbox when a man driving a black truck approached her.

It says the man asked the girl if she had seen his brown dog and even pulled up a picture on his cell phone of a dog to show the girl.

The incident report says the girl told the man she hadn't seen his missing dog.

At that point, the report states the man then asked the girl if she wanted a hot dog.

That's when the girl turned and ran inside her home, crying, to tell her mother what happened, according to the incident report.

The mother drove around looking for the man's black truck, but didn't find it. She then called police.

Cheraw Street is close to the area where three armed robberies have happened in recent days.

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Florence Police Lt. Mike Brandt said officers are diligently investigating the suspicious activity.

Brandt said they're working with the school near Cheraw Street in an attempt to get further information.

Police are asking the public to immediately report any suspicious activity to the Florence Police Department at 843-665-3191 or Crime Stoppers (1-888-CRIMESC / 1-888-274-6372).

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