Police investigating possible rape at Kingstree Middle School


Kingstree police are investigating allegations that a 14-year-old girl was raped last Friday by a fellow student at Kingstree Middle School, according to Kingstree Assistant Police Chief Marc Whitfield.

The police report said the incident happened inside a stall of the girls' bathroom.

An excerpt from the report says, "The victim stated that she went to the restroom during lunch. The victim stated that a male student entered into the restroom and crawled under the stall that she occupied, while she was using the restroom. The victim stated she asked the subject, 'What are you doing in here?' The victim stated that the subject applied, 'Come on.' The victim stated that she tried to open the restroom stall, but the subject pushed her away from the stall door. The victim stated that the subject locked the bathroom stall at that time. The victim stated that the subject pushed her into the corner and pulled her pants down. The victim stated that she tried to pull her pants back up and pushed the subject away. The victim stated that she told the subject to stop. The victim stated that she had to pull her pants up again. The victim stated that she was trying to unlock the restroom stall. The victim stated at the time the subject pushed her again into the corner and grabbed her hand and turned her around and begin to touch her inappropriately."

The police report further states the 14-year-old said the boy stopped when he heard a teacher enter the restroom.

The report said both students were taken to the office and expelled by the the assistant principal.

The girl told the teacher and a security guard what happened, according to the incident report, but the report goes onto say the school's principal and assistant principal said they weren't told that the girl said she was raped.

The boy denies the rape allegations, according to police.

The report said the girl's parents took her to a Florence hospital to be examined.

Whitfield said his department got a call about 10 to 12 hours after the incident from a hospital nurse saying a teenage girl wanted a rape kit done after being sexually assaulted at Kingstree Middle School.

Whitfield said they were never notified by Kingstree Middle School administrators or anyone with the Williamsburg County School District Office about the girl's allegations.

He said they were unable to process any evidence from a potential crime scene, which would have been very helpful early on in the investigation.

He added they're still waiting on school administrators to provide them with surveillance video from in and around the area where the girl said the incident happened.

Williamsburg County School District Public Information Officer Bonnie King released a statement on the matter.

"I became aware of this alleged incident today, and the matter is under investigation. Due to the age of the individuals involved, we cannot release further details of the alleged incident or give further comments at this time."

This investigation is ongoing as police are waiting on the State Las Enforcement Division (SLED) to analyze evidence.

We will keep you updated on what happens with this case.

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