Police investigating attempted child abductions in Dillon County

(Photo released by the Lake View Police Department)

Police are investigating two incidents of attempted child abductions that happened this past weekend in the Lake View area of Dillon County, according to Lake View Police Chief Wayne Campbell.

Campbell said a man driving a white Ram Promaster 2500 or 3500 model offered $100 to a little girl to get inside the van this past Saturday at the corner of West Third and South Main Street in Lake View.

The girl got scared and took off on her bicycle to her parents house.

Campbell said the next day the man was in the same van when he approached two children playing on Road 30 just outside of Lake View.

The children ran home to tell their parents what happened.

All the parents reported the incidents to police.

Police have released a picture of the van from surveillance video when it was parked at a convenience store at the corner of West Third and South Main Streets in Lake View.

Campbell said the man driving the van is described as an older man, in his mid-40s, with dark hair and a scraggly beard.

If you recognize the van you are asked to call the Lake View Police Department at 843-759-2119.

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