Perdue Farms' wellness center in Dillon County helping saving lives

Perdue Farms Wellness Center (WPDE)

Perdue Farms onsite wellness center at its facility on Highway 9 in Dillon County is helping to save lives, according to plant officials.

Employees can visit medical staff at the wellness center for free with no co-pays.

Wellness center services include ongoing treatment for chronic issues, physicals, OB/GYN services, prenatal care, pediatric care and physical therapy. Employees can see a doctor during their shifts for free and continue to get paid for their time.

"They get their colds, their flus, or whatever systems they may have taken care of right here at work. Without having to miss a full day's work going out to the doctor," said Perdue Farms Director of Operations Randy Brown.

Brown said the clinic is helping to improve the health of employees.

"We run a HIP program which is a health improvement process. And that's preventive. So, each year, they come over one time a year and give blood and fill out a form. And so, our HIP specialist gives them ways to improve their daily health activities," said Brown.

James Roberts works in management at the plant and said the clinic has really helped to save his life as far as his cholesterol levels.

Officials said one employee came to Perdue Farms as an hourly associate 30 pounds overweight and was not even aware he suffered from high blood pressure.

They said with the help of the Perdue Wellness Center staff, he lost the weight, lowered his blood pressure and is now a salaried manager.

He proved being healthy provides many benefits, officials said.

Rosie Strickland is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at the wellness center.

Strickland said there are a number of Hispanic employees at the facility and the clinic has provided a new avenue for them to get medical help.

"This whole facility is very helpful for our employees and the community in general. We have a big population of Hispanics. I am a translator. And it's brought a whole new population into the clinics. Whereas before they were apprehensive about coming because they had that language barrier. Now, I'm here and we're able to communicate better with that population," said Strickland.

Employees' family members can also get free medical treatment at the wellness clinic.

The clinic has been open since 2011.

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