People cross state lines for tax free weekend

People cross state lines for tax free weekend, (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

Tax free weekend is in full swing and people are crossing state lines to take advantage of the savings.

"Well it's tax free weekend in South Carolina and we're from North Carolina and we don't get that," said Tara Cecil of North Carolina.

Cecil is a teacher and mother, which means she has a long shopping list.

"Nothing is for free anymore and it's hard to shop for a whole classroom full of kids. We do buy supplies for students for things we specifically want and then the parents help us with the rest but some of the kids come without things so we make sure that they're taken care of," said Cecil.

For local students, Walmart is prepared to help them buy exactly what they need for the new school year, the manager in Conway said.

"We got all the school lists and what we do when we get the school lists is we print up copies of it and we put it out on the floor to help the children and families get the supplies they need for school," said Tony Cuccaro.

But even with a cart full of supplies, not everyone is ready for school to start.

"It's coming whether we're ready or not," said Cecil.

Go here to find information on what is tax-free and what is not this weekend.

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