Pee Dee bars, restaurants look forward to Sunday alcohol sales

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After Tuesday's vote, people in several parts of the Pee Dee can now grab a drink on Sunday.

The question was asked in three Pee Dee counties--Darlington, Marlboro and Florence. All three overwhelmingly answered yes, they want to be able to buy alcohol every day of the week.

"I think it benefits the area," said Ryan Sherman, an Ohio native who has called Florence home for many years. He remembers moving to the Pee Dee, and first learning about the so-called "blue laws."

"Before the restaurants opened, you couldn't do anything except order a sweet tea," he laughed.

But voters like Sherman made their voices heard this Election Day, deciding it was time to make a change.

"If you like going out, now you have that option," Sherman said. "You can have a few friends with you watching the game."

"People come out to have a good time, to have camaraderie," said Sophia Turner, a bar manager at Apple Annies, a popular watering hole in Florence.

While bars and restaurants in the city of Florence have been able to sell beer and wine on Sundays for many years, Turner thinks other bars outside the city limits have a lot to look forward to now that Sundays are fair game.

"Our Sunday crowd is great," she said. "Our regulars love to come out, and we welcome new people as well; we've got football on during the season."

An extra day can help not only bars and restaurants, but distributors with beer companies tell ABC 15 that they are excited for an extra day of deliveries which would no doubt help their bottom lines each week.

While stores in Florence County still cannot sell alcohol on Sundays, Turner said getting people out and about on the weekend is just as important.

"I think it's great," she added. "Who wants to be held up at their house on a Sunday anyway?"

Now, individual businesses will need to apply for a special permit from the government to legally open the doors and tap the kegs on Sundays.

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