Pathologist’s findings reveal gruesome, fiery end to Aynor robbery victim’s life

(Janet Blackmon Morgan / The Sun News)

A pathologist’s findings revealed a gruesome end to the life of 68-year-old Charles Bryant “CB” Smith, who prosecutors say was robbed, tortured, handcuffed and burned alive on the morning of April 29, 2014.

Multiple ribs on his right side were broken from “blunt force trauma”; his skull was battered and exposed and his body was “badly burned,” Dr. Edward Leroy Proctor testified on Wednesday.

Proctor said a pair of handcuffs was still attached to Smith’s left hand, when his charred remains were brought in for Proctor’s exam.

Tommy Lee Benton, 24, is accused of working in concert with two other men in a three-day crime spree that targeted Smith in the last 11 days of his life. On that final morning, prosecutors say, Benton and his co-defendants went to rob Smith, who was known to always carry a lot of cash.

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