Parents suing Myrtle Beach bar for serving underage son who drowned while drunk

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The parents of 20-year-old Daniel Doran, of Myrtle Beach, are suing Remedies Bar for serving their underaged son alcohol and, they say, causing his death.

Doran was found dead on March 14 along Highway 17 Bypass South near Palmetto Pointe Boulevard and Frontage Road. According to the suit, he drowned after falling into a ditch while intoxicated after leaving Remedies.

His parents, Robin and Michael Doran, are suing the bar, saying their son's ID was not checked at any point while he was at the bar and the bar has a duty to make sure underaged people are not served.

The suit says the 20-year-old was "allowed to leave Remedies Bar Grill Nitelife while under the influence and did wander from the parking lot and walked in a southerly direction down U.S. Highway 17 By-Pass when he fell into a roadside ditch while under the influence and did die in that roadside ditch from asphyxiation due to drowning."

Robin and Michael Doran are suing the bar for emotional distress because, according to the suit, they went looking for their son when he didn't come home and found him in the ditch, getting stuck in the mud themselves and having to be rescued by officials.

They "suffered emotional distress and shock from the discovery of their son in the ditch and from their attempts to rescue their son in the ditch," the suit states.

The suit also asks for a judge to issue a restraining order to ensure that no employee of Remedies destroys any recordings of their son at the bar, as well as any purchase receipts or other records of him being there.

They are asking a judge to grant them actual and punitive damages, as well as for the costs of the suit.

The suit was filed on July 18. We will bring you updates as the suit moves forward.

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