Parent sues Florence District One after 12-year-old comes home from school drunk

Parent sues Florence District One after 12-year-old comes home from school drunk (WPDE)

The parent of a 12-year-old child have filed a lawsuit against Florence School District One (FSD1) alleging gross negligence after their child got drunk at Sneed Middle School, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit names the parent as John Doe and the minor child as Jane Doe. It was filed on May 26 by attorney Patrick McLaughlin with Wukela Law Firm in Florence.

The suit says, on September 16, 2016, the parents were “notified of an emergency situation involving their daughter who had just arrived in their neighborhood via a school bus operated by Defendant S.C. Department of Education (SCDOE). They immediately rushed down the street from their home to find their daughter, Jane Doe, lying on the ground, in a ditch/puddle of water, face down and nonresponsive."

The child was taken to McLeod Regional Medical Center and diagnosed as having overdosed on alcohol to the point of having a blood-alcohol level of .271 and suffering acute respiratory failure with hypoxia, according to the suit. It says she stayed in the hospital for three days.

The suit says, “the parent demanded to know how his daughter could have gotten to this condition while in care and custody of Defendant FSD1. The principal at Sneed was unable to provide Plaintiff John Doe answers at that time.”

The parents were allowed to meet with school district officials to view a video taken from the school bus for the day in question.

The suit says the, “video is disturbing.”

The lawsuit says the video displays the child trying to “pick up items she has dropped, Jane Doe collapses and falls in to the aisle. As she attempts to stand, she again apologizes and then collapses again, falling almost into the driver. Other students begin asking Jane Doe if she is okay, to which she responds, 'No.'"

Jane Doe was involuntarily placed in a treatment facility and, while being assessed by a psychiatrist during that medical treatment, Jane Doe disclosed that “she had been forced to participate in oral sex with another student while at school,” according to the lawsuit.

It says the incident occurred when she was in the fourth grade as a student at Royall Elementary School.

The lawsuit alleges gross negligence by FSD1 and seeks actual and consequential damages to be determined by a jury.

We’ve reached out to the Florence School District One attorney for a statement regarding the lawsuit. We’ll let you know when we hear back from him.

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