Top reasons experts say people are moving to Horry County


Many people are deciding to make Horry County their new home. Now, the Horry County school district is in talks to build three new schools over the course of the next five years, to accommodate the growth within the school district.

The district recently opened five new, energy-positive, schools.

As more people move to Horry County, the school district is having to make major adjustments.

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So why, exactly, do so many people want to relocate here?

Josh Kay, the President and CEO of Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation said, "Well, certainly our largest demographic is 45 and over, but our second largest demographic is actually zero to 19, which you can see from our school district talking about adding new schools, having to add new elementary schools."

He said the reasonably priced housing is another big factor.

"You see a lot of folks that are moving away from housing up in the northeast where they were able to sell that property and sell that for a much higher price than what the cost of a house here is," said Kay.

As a result many Horry County realty offices are reaping the benefits.

Realtor Randy Gallagher said, "Obviously it's very exciting for us, you know, this is typically more of a down period and we're not really seeing that as a trend. We're staying very busy here."

Gallagher said although the business and growth are welcome, he has a few concerns.

"I do worry about the infrastructure because, as you know, driving around 501 gets kinda crazy and Carolina Forest is a very popular area, but sometimes not the easiest to get in and out of," said Gallagher.

The new schools being discussed have been proposed for Carolina Forest, North Myrtle Beach and the Saint James area.

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