Open spaces in Horry County being put to good use

(Horry County Planning & Zoning)

Areas of Horry County considered to be priority conservation areas are being used in the county's open spaces plans.

Horry County Community Development Planner Leigh Kane said, "open space can mean a lot of different things. Horry County requires open space within all major residential subdivisions so that's any subdivision that has 10 or more lots within it."

As growth in Horry County continues to increase, county officials have been in a constant state of strategizing how to use these open spaces.

In 2004, the county created regulations that mandated underdeveloped land in areas like Carolina Forest's Huger Park would be used for recreational purposes.

"The parks and open space board and the property owner worked together to help get that property preserved so it could be then later developed as a community park," said Kane.

Requirements consist of most newer developments having 500 Square feet of open space per dwelling unit.

Kane said, "it really takes about 80 houses in order to hit one acre of required open space."

County officials said its important to regulate the use of open spaces so that residents have access to parks, trails, and soccer fields right in their backyard.

"People will have some form of recreational amenities or natural open space within walking distance of their home," said Kane.

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