Officials say investigation into old Hard Rock Park fire will take time

    Officials say investigation into old Hard Rock Park fire will take time (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

    A driver in the right place at the right time is the reason fire crews made it to a fire at the old Hard Rock Park on George Bishop Parkway.

    "Saw flames, saw smoke, called 911 and we had a pretty big response," said Anthony Casey, Horry County Fire Rescue's public information officer.

    Horry County Fire and Myrtle Beach Fire responded to a three-alarm fire on Sunday night.

    "We're looking to make sure there aren't any injuries, there's nobody inside the building and to minimize the building as quickly as possible while being as safe as possible to our employees," said Casey.

    Casey says he's not sure if anyone was on the property, but he is sure there were no injuries.

    "It took several hours to actually put out the fire, because it was a pretty big property. There was a lot of smoke damage and a lot of smoke moving through that building," said Casey.

    Casey says it will take a while for investigators to determine the cause of the fire due to the size of the property.

    The property was bought last month by local company FTPP Bishop Parkway LLC. It's unclear what the company is planning to do with it. Horry County Zoning and Planning was contacted to see if they know, but they have not gotten back.

    The area once was the Hard Rock Park, which was a theme park opened in 2008. It went bankrupt that same year. In 2009, it opened as Freestyle Music Park, which closed after one season. In 2016, it was reported that former Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhoades and former Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus were in talks with Chinese investors to buy the land for a Chinese cultural center.

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