Officials: 'It's the largest bust in Horry County since the 80's'


Officials in Horry County made a major drug bust in the Racepath community over the span of two weeks.

More than 60 people were arrested.

"It's awesome, it's a relief," said Reverend William Gause, the director of the Racepath Community Center.

Officials said plans to move forward with the bust had been in the works for a while.

"We've been aware of the issues with regards to the selling of narcotics in the Racepath community since the eighties and so this is one of the largest operations that we've done in the past couple of years," said Horry County Police Spokesperson, Krystal Dotson.

Dotson said they were always getting complaints and tips from residents in the area, and during the drug bust, they arrested people on charges ranging from narcotics distribution, to attempt to possess, and they found several people wanted on other charges.

"The arrestees were not limited to residents of Horry County. Unfortunately, we saw travelers from outside of the county that came just to the Racepath community, which again, speaks to our need to go in and continue to do operations such as this," said Dotson.

Gause said, he has dedicated his life to cleaning up the neighborhood he grew up in and has seen the good and the bad, but says changes have been for the better in recent years.

"You have to live here to see that improvement," said Gause.

He said the recent bust has already created a safer environment.

"It was so wonderful to walk the streets and even pass by where these guys hangout and there's no one there and you didn't have to watch your back, you know, looking over your shoulders to see what's going on," said Gause.

Officials said the youngest person involved in the bust was 17 years old, and some of the suspects are from as far away as Virginia.

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