North Carolina magician charged after man says he was run over in Zaxby's drive thru

(J. Reuben Long)

A magician couldn't escape from the law after a hit-and-run in a North Myrtle Beach Zaxby's parking lot back in January.

Jeffrey Xavier Hartsoe, of Crouse, North Carolina, was booked into the J. Rueben Long Detention Center on July 9 for a reported assault that happened on Jan. 12.

According to a police report, a man called North Myrtle Beach police after he says his foot was run over and he was pinned in his car at the Zaxby's drive thru.

The man told police he and and his family were trying to go through the drive thru when his infant child started crying because he had dropped his bottle, so the man got out to go into the back seat and pick up the bottle from the floor of the car.

That's when, he said in the report, a black Chevy Impala pulled up behind them and started yelling. The father explained what was happening and said there was plenty of room for that car to go around them.

The Chevy driver called the father a "redneck," according to the report, and drove towards the car, hitting the back driver's side door and pinning the man inside the car. He told police his foot was run over, but he denied any medical treatment.

The father noticed that the Chevy had a distinctive license North Carolina plate before it drove off. It said "MAGICAL."

Later, police were told that the driver of the Chevy, identified as "a local magician who goes by the name Xavier Hartsoe," had filed a claim with his insurance company saying that he was the victim of a hit-and-run, the report stated.

After police got in touch with the insurance company and saw photos of the damage, which showed that the damage and paint transfer corroborated the family's side of the story, a warrant was issued for Hartsoe's arrest.

He was arrested on July 9 near the Duplin winery after someone saw his car with the "MAGICAL" plate and it came back with the warrant.

Hartsoe is still incarcerated on charges of malicious injury and assault and battery 1st degree.

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