Nine-year-old takes wheel, saves Mom

Ethan Welch, 9, and his mother Brenda Welch were driving on Highway 76 in Mullins on Friday when Brenda had a seizure at the wheel. Ethan took over and stopped the car, without injuring anyone.

Ethan had been picked up at school by his mom after he split his chin open and needed stitches.

They were driving to the hospital near the Car Quest Auto Supply store, when Brenda had a seizure.

Ethan immediately took over the wheel, though the car was hitting speeds of more than 80 miles an hour.

"I was driving with my foot while I pulled her her foot over my head," said Ethan. "Then when I got doing that, I started driving again."

Ethan pulled his mother's foot off the gas and turned the car into the Garden Spot greenhouse, letting the car slowly coast to a stop.

Mullins volunteer firefighter Mark Rogers was driving behind their car when he saw it start to swerve.

"He went right through a parking lot and down through and across the grass," said Rogers.

Rogers helped Brenda and Ethan after the car came to a stop.

Brenda says she's thankful her son took over and simply calls it a miracle.

"When it comes to them protecting you, it's amazing to know that they can," said Brenda.

Rogers says Ethan has earned a new title.

"I think he's a hero," said Rogers.

Brenda says Ethan has already asked to get his driver's license next year.

South Carolina Highway Patrol confirmed details of the incident.

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