New leads re-open a decades-old cold case in Horry County

A new lead generated a sketch of a suspect in the murder of Joann Colby in the 1980s. (Credit: Horry County Police Dept.)

A new lead in a decades-old cold case has Horry County detectives taking another look. They've been working to track down a person of interest in the 1980 murder of Joann Colby.

It has been 38 years since Colby's son reported her missing. She was stabbed to death and her body was placed in the trunk of an abandoned car left in the Socastee Hardware parking lot.

A few days later, the car was towed away by a wrecker company in Surfside Beach, where her body was discovered.

"We're going off a memory from somebody from what they remembered the gentleman looking like 38 years ago," said Horry County Detective Jack Johnson.

There's now a new person of interest.

"One of the family members of Ms. Colby stated that he knew this gentleman and could remember what he looked like so SLED came in and did a composite sketch. Being that it was 38 years ago, we don't know how reliable this sketch is, but at the same time it's a likeness to what he looked like," said Detective Johnson.

Horry County Police said the person of interest was known to use the nicknames of Vincent Giodarno, Anthony (Tony) Giodarno and Joseph MacArthur.

Johnson said he was friends with Colby and Sue Collie. Collie was charged with accessory to murder, but that charge was later dropped. Collie, who is now dead, was the only person ever charged in this case.

"They were persons of interest. They developed enough probable cause to arrest Ms. Collie and Vincent. They were never able to positively identify that that was his real name, so we still need to speak with him and see what he knows about this homicide."

With this new sketch, investigators said they hope this can finally help them identify a suspect in this case.

"Hopefully somebody will say 'I knew a guy going by that name that hung out with these people in this area back in the early eighties," said Detective Johnson.

Investigators said Vincent most likely would be in his seventies or eighties today, and the most challenging part about cold cases like this is that many of the people involved are now dead.

If you have any information on this case or recognize the person in the new sketch, they want to hear from you.

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