New improv classes could help strengthen business and sales skills

Carolina Improv Company founder Gina Trimarco offers classes to help people think on their feet. (WPDE)

Are you ever in a situation where you need to think on your feet?

A Myrtle Beach woman wants to help you with that.

Gina Trimarco hosts classes to help improve thinking and public speaking skills.

Those classes are now offered on the South sSrand as well as at Carolina Improv's location at Myrtle Beach Mall.

Trimarco says the classes are beneficial for anyone, especially those in business or sales.

"When we teach improv we are teaching you how to listen, be in the moment, be a good partner, and collaborate. Improv does all of that for you," said Trimarco.

Carolina Improv is also launching a new Myrtle Movers & Shakers show featuring local celebrities, business people and philanthropists.

ABC 15's Amanda Kinseth will be in the show March 16 at 7:30 p.m.

For info on classes and upcoming performances visit

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