New commission works with residents on Horry-Georgetown annexation


Horry or Georgetown County? That's what a newly formed commission is working out.

State Representative Russell Fry says there are about 200 people who, at one point, assumed they lived in Horry County, but the line on a map told a different story.

Apparently, they actually live in Georgetown County.

Fry says people who were put in this situation should have options.

"A lot of constituents have weighed in, most of, in fact, all of the constituents that I've talked to who are affected, want to be in Horry County. That's where they thought they were going to be, that's where they purchased, so we're trying to make sure they can have that choice," he said.

Fry added it is a state law to conduct a survey before any annexation process can begin.

The commission will meet with folks in the area to find out what they want.

Ultimately, state legislators in Columbia will make the final decision.

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