New bill aimed at helping police destroy pills

New bill aimed at helping police destroy pills (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

Congressman Tom Rice has penned a bill that is aimed at making pill disposal easier for law enforcement.

"If we can do anything to make it simpler, it makes their job easier," said Rice.

Drug take back boxes receive thousands of pills that are hard to dispose of.

"Right now we're putting them in our evidence room. Shoreline's given us some packets where we can put it into a solution to dissolve it and we can just toss it," said Gary Buley, the Loris Police Department chief.

But the disposal drums cannot hold all the drugs coming in.

"We empty it within every two to three days because it just fills up," said Buley.

Congressman Tom Rice has a new bill he hopes will help this issue. The bill allows law enforcement to use incinerators to destroy pharmaceuticals. Local law enforcement leaders say they are open to this option.

"Depending on the cost, that would be great. Like I said, this is a very busy, where we get a bunch, so it'd be great," said Buley.

Incinerators can destroy thousands of pills at a time, but they cost thousands of dollars.

"A lot of thse bills provide funding for various aspects. I'm sure that there would be some type of grants available for what they would need to comply with this bill to dispose of these drugs," said Rice.

"It's never overwhelming because if we can get that medication off the street, that's very encouraging," said Buley.

For a list of medication drop-off locations, you can visit Shoreline Behavioral Sciences' website here.

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