Neighbors react to 'misguided prank' kidnapping

Neighbors react to fake attempted kidnapping (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

Some neighbors in Carolina Forest are upset over an attempted kidnapping earlier this week.

"It's sad somebody could do that to somebody, especially if they're little kids and all that, and it's sad," said resident Christina Meloro.

On Monday night, a Carolina Forest woman called police, saying four teenagers with bandanas on their faces told her 10-year-old son and his friends to get in their black Yukon.

A neighbor followed the car and recorded the license plate to report it to the police. The police later announced that it was just a "misguided prank."

Some weren't happy about the police evaluation of the incident, particularly the wording of a Facebook post by HCPD.

"How something could that be a prank--that's awful," said Meloro.

Neighbors aren't only mad at the pranksters though. They said they are upset with how the police handled the situation.

"It was only when I saw it on Facebook that I read up on it and someone actually gave me a comment that heard it was a prank," said Johnny Soto.

Some neighbors said they think more legal action should be taken.

As of Friday afternoon, the boy's mother had hired an attorney.

The names of the teenagers' responsible for the incident and investigation are not being released because they are underage.

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