National Weather Service: Tornado touched down in Robeson County

(Robeson County Emergency Management)

The National Weather Service says a tornado caused damage in northern Robeson County Tuesday night.

The tornado hit near Parkton and has a preliminary rating of EF-0 with winds of about 75 miles per hour.

It was about 30 yards wide and had a path length of 2.2 miles, according to the NWS survey team.

NWS said the tornado touched down just south of Sandy Grove Road west of Chason Road. The tornado then moved into a field before crossing Sandy Grove Road.

After that, the tornado moved east of Chason Road and just north of Sandy Grove Road.

According to Robeson County Emergency Management (RCEM), two buildings have suffered major damage and one building suffered minor damage.

Crews with the NWS said a local church experienced damage to its roof.

Reverend Anna Maynor with Sandy Grove AME Zion Church said, despite the damage, they have work to do to prepare for this weekend.

"We're getting ready for today and for Saturday. We'll get it together, it'll be wonderful, it's going to be fine. These things happen in life and we have to learn how to adjust and move on," said Maynor.

The director for RCEM, Stephanie Chavis, described the other damaged structures as farm buildings with equipment inside.

She said it was almost like a wrecking ball came through.

A number of trees were also downed in the storm.

The tornado also moved across the Barlow Road and Sandy Grove Road, causing minor damage to four structures and destroying a an outbuilding. Officials say the tornado then crossed Dave Bridge Road and lifted near Glenn Road.

No one was injured as a result of the tornado.

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