Myrtle Beach receives funds from Ride III Project to repair roads


The City of Myrtle Beach received $2 million from the Horry County Ride III Project to repair and resurface 13 miles of city owned roads.

Voters approved the extra penny sales tax last year to pay for the project countywide.

"The city is ready to put that money to good use starting as early as next week," said city spokesman Mark Kruea.

It's been over 20 years since the last road project was completed.

"Once you build a road, it's good for 15-20 years or so, but you have to maintain it, you need to repave it or else it will turn into pot holes and crumbles and that's one of the things we're glad to be able to do with this ride three money, is to repave some of those city streets, to make sure they hold up for another 20 years," said Kruea.

The city plans to have a good chunk of the roads listed in the project completed before the tourist season peaks in Myrtle Beach. Then the city will come back and finish what's left at the end of the fall.

Areas east of Kings Highway will be paved this spring while the remainder of the list will be paved in the fall.

City officials said the repaving list is just a small part in the grand scheme of things, but locals should notice the improvements.

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