Myrtle Beach man paralyzed in DEU raid responds to city's claims

Julian Betton (WPDE file)

New information has come into our newsroom regarding the Julian Betton case.

Betton is the Myrtle Beach man who was shot by police during a raid in April of 2015 and left paralyzed.

According to an objection filed in June, the City of Myrtle Beach doesn't want to be held responsible for the actions of the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit.

Betton says he feels the DEU disregarded his fourth amendment rights and also claims Myrtle Beach Police Officer David Belue, who fired the shots that hit Betton, is responsible for the raid because he was involved.

Betton also said he did not want testimony from Michael Nunn to be allowed. The judge said the testimony was inadmissible and the city argued that it should be allowed, but Betton maintained that it should not be.

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