Myrtle Beach city leaders look to make Superblock more pedestrian friendly


Some Myrtle Beach city leaders say it's no secret the downtown area isn't pedestrian and bike friendly.

That's why they're working with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee to change that.

Members of the Myrtle Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation and councilwoman Mary Jeffcoat walked around the Superblock Tuesday morning to see some of the safety concerns first hand.

"I've walked this area a lot but I haven't walked it with an eye toward, 'is this safe to walk,' 'is this a pleasant place to walk.' I've walked it if I had to," said Jeffcoat. "And it just reminds me of why nobody comes downtown, is because it is not pedestrian friendly."

The Bicycle and Pedestrian committee members pointed out the changes they would like to see as they walked the area.

They talked about adding crosswalks, bike lanes, reducing the road lanes on Highway 17 and also reducing the speed limit in the area as well.

"As we walked around we didn't see bicycle lanes whatsoever, so how do bicycles fit into this re-transformation of the Superblock," addressed Tom Russo, the chairman with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.

Committee members say the Superblock has a lot of potential and want to see plans geared toward residents rather than just tourists.

They talked about businesses on the lower level of the buildings and younger-aged people, who want to see an urban atmosphere, have apartments on the upper levels.

They say to see actual plans come to life could take time, but they say now is the time to start solidifying them.

"This is kind of pulling it all together. Ironically at the same time, the DRC is looking at the Superblock and council really seems to be behind this and this has been building for several years," said Russo.

The DRC is presenting some of their final plans for the Superblock next Wednesday. The Bike and Pedestrian committee members say they'll bring their master plan to that meeting for presentation as well.

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