Myrtle Beach businesses concerned with losses following Florence, ahead of Michael


Many Myrtle Beach business managers and employees say they aren't concerned with flooding or damage with Hurricane Michael, but they are worried about Michael's track. Several businesses have customers that come from nearby states. If those customers are impacted, business will be too.

"It's went from tail-end of the summer, which is our best season, to almost nothing at all. It looks like it would look in January almost," said Jake Frye, a cook at Dirty Don's.

Empty chairs, empty tables, empty beach, which means less money for Myrtle Beach businesses. They've taken a hard hit. Several conventions, games and festivals had to be cancelled or rescheduled, all thanks to Hurricane Florence, and now Michael.

"The biggest part for us, as far as business-wise, was that the Salt Games got cancelled, which would have been huge for everybody. Would have been huge for this area, would have been huge for the families and people that come down to participate, so that was a major loss," Jan Hemelrick, manager of Moe Moon's.

Contrary to what some may have thought, they say the end of summer wasn't bad for business.

"We were headed for a great fall season. We started out first week of September beautiful. We were beating numbers. Now, all of a sudden, obviously, the hurricane took that and just sliced it," said Hemelrick.

Some businesses are concerned, mostly for their employees: managers not being able to hand out enough shifts because they don't need as many people on the clock, and some still picking up pieces from Florence.

"This week we started getting some people down here, now of course with Michael coming, and the rain, and the weather our traffic has lightened up. Our people, our local people, our workers haven't really recovered from Florence," said Victor Shamah, owner of The Bowery.

Business may be a little slow now, but he has no doubt it'll pick back up. The hope is sooner rather than later.

"Once we get back to normal, I'm sure we'll have a great rest of the year. Hopefully we'll have a Christmas season, and be back for you in 2019 strong," said Shamah.

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