Myrtle Beach actress collects board games for patients in hospital during Christmas

Myrtle Beach actress collects board games for patients in hospital during Christmas (Taggart Houck/WPDE)

From an early age, nine-year-old Kearstin Moore knew she wanted to be an actress. Her career started at the age of two.

From local theater to nationwide commercials for Nickelodeon to Terminix, she’s credited her close support group and hard work for her success. That group includes close friends, which is part of the reason why it’s been hard to see one of her closest friends in and out of the hospital.

“One day I was visiting her and I asked my mom, I said, ‘Well, what do they do on Christmas?”

Her mother Tocha Moore, wasn’t sure. So Kearstin had an idea.

“Why don’t we do something for them to where I can give them presents and still have a little piece of home still while they’re getting better?” She asked.

Mom loved the idea.

“I was like, ‘Absolutely, that’d be cool.’ She was like, ‘And we can give books,’ Well she said board games, to the kids at the hospital and then my little one was like, ‘And books,’ I was like, ‘Totally cool, guys. Yes, that’s a great idea.’”

They called Grand 14 at The Market Common and asked to place a Dropbox, collecting donations for board games, like “The Game of Life” to help make lives for other kids a little better.

Most recently, she starred in “Clara’s Ultimate Christmas”, a film released last year about a 10 year-old also going through hardships on Christmas.

“Even if you’re going through something, you can still have an “Ultimate Christmas”, said Kearstin.

Friends and family said they’re happy to see what she’s doing.

“She’s the best sister in the world,” said her younger sister, Cassidy.

“I’m just proud of her for all of her accomplishments, all the worldwide commercials, all the good things she’s done for her community like today,” said her lifelong friend, Marley McLaurin.

Moore said she’s doing it to make sure people on the hospital don’t feel left out or alone.

“I want all kids, all family, all people to have an ‘Ultimate Christmas’,” she said.

If you’d like to drop off books or board games and help out Kearstin’s mission, there’s still time.

You can drop donations off at Palmetto State Academy of Performing Arts in Socastee, Myrtle Beach Dance Company in Carolina Forest, and Black Optix Tint in Myrtle Beach.

All donations benefit the Child Life Department at MUSC.

Moore won and award from the Mayor of Myrtle Beach and the Governor of South Carolina for her community service excellence, according to her family.

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