MYR-bound plane makes forced landing in New York

Frontier Airlines, stock photo. (Credit: MGN)

A flight bound for Myrtle Beach International Airport had to make an unplanned landing Thursday.

Frontiers flight 1851, departing from MacArthur Airport in Long Island, was forced to turn back to airport after "an odor" filled the cabin of the plane, according to Allison Redmon, manager of corporate communications for Frontier Airlines.

Redmon says there was no smoke and the aircraft landed safely.

One crew member and two passengers were transported for medical evaluations, Redmon said.

According to Flight Aware, the plane was in the air 46 minutes after departing at 11:41 a.m. before landing at 12:27.

Safety is the top priority at Frontier, and the flight returned out of an abundance of caution.

The flight has been canceled, Redmon says, and maintenance checks will be performed; passengers received a voucher for future travel on Frontier, and agents are working to re-accommodate passengers to their original destinations.

We understand that unexpected delays are frustrating and we try to get passengers to their destinations as soon as circumstances permit.
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