Mullins woman buys bike for walking stranger: 'God kinda pulled on my heart'

Doug Legette with his new bike. (Rosalia Fodera/WPDE)

Doug Legette works hard at Crystal Clean Car Wash in Mullins.

To get to work he only has a bike, but it broke, and he's had to walk the three miles to work in the hot South Carolina summer ever since.

"Every time I start walking to work, I hope somebody would come by and pick me up," he said.

And, on one of those walks, a stranger noticed him.

"I had seen Mr. Doug walking down the road and I kept going and something, well, God kinda pulled on my heart," said Krissy Henderson.

And she listened.

"I told my son, well I'm gonna go get him and my son was like, 'Mom you're not supposed to pick up strangers," she said.

It wasn't just a ride to work.

"We kinda live paycheck to paycheck, I said, we don't have the money to do this but it's God, just pulled on my heart even harder. So, I went to Walmart. I looked up and there was a bicycle and it had the basket for his lunch and everything," she said.

"I love it," said Legette.

"If we do one small kind act then it can trickle into other people doing small kind acts and that way we can make a better community," explained Henderson.

And the story doesn't stop there! To thank her for what she did, the Crystal Clean Car Wash is giving her free car washes for a year!

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