Mother of Sandy Hook victim spreads hope with school safety organization

Safe and Sound School Initiative (WPDE)

A mother who lost her daughter during the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 is turning tragedy into triumph by spreading messages of hope.

Michele Gay lost her precious Josephine, but now she’s using her story to create something meaningful as the co-founder of the Safe and Sound Schools organization.

"I mean, a lot of people like myself have suffered something terrible and found a way to move forward from it by helping other people," said Gay.

Gay's loss served as the inspiration behind the organization, which helps promote the safety and well being of students on school campuses.

"I think the needs of our communities, the safety needs of our communities and schools, they are ever changing and evolving and it seems at a faster and faster rate every year," said Gay.

She said the message behind the movement is simple.

"We're about reminding people of their own personal power, of the power that they have as a community together."

Georgetown County first responders were part of the discussion and they agreed the safety of our communities and schools is a collaborative effort.

"I remind the kids when we're in the schools, whatever class I'm talking to, I say if you notice it's only one of me but there are 28 of you, so perhaps if you could help me to maybe magnify my efforts, one turns into 29," said Michael Morris, with Georgetown County Fire.

At the end of the day, Gay's new platform is helping her heal, serving a purpose much greater than herself while honoring her little girl.

"That at least gives us a sense of comfort that all of our suffering and all of our pain is not for nothing, that those hard learned and painful lessons are going toward making other communities safer," said Gay.

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