Mother nominated for Super VIP CCMF passes wins, meets Brett Young

    Mother nominated for Super VIP CCMF passes wins, meets Brett Young (WPDE)

    Last month, Michelle Hargrove didn’t imagine the weekend she’d have during the Carolina Country Music Festival. She couldn’t have.

    Back on Mother’s Day, her two children nominated her to receive two Super VIP passes for the Myrtle Beach music festival.

    She’s been through a lot, battling progressive MS. As part of that, she needs a hip replacement this Wednesday, she said.

    Her husband is also on home hospice, and she’s the primary caregiver. Add that to her job, which she works 7 days each week at her cleaning and property management company, and it’s been a busy few months.

    “It’s just been a fun, great weekend altogether,” she said. “Just meeting new people, meeting Brett Young and Judy listening to music that I love.”

    Yep, she said Brett Young.

    Part of the deal was an exclusive visit meet and greet with the country superstar Saturday. She came prepared, sorting her custom Brett Young T-shirt, which featured lyrics to one of his popular songs.

    “The people ahead of us, he kinda just stood there, put his arms around them and took a picture, but when he saw my shirt, he pointed at it and was like, stocked about it and he gave me a huge hug and I asked him if he could sign it but he said he wasn’t allowed,” she said. “But that’s okay, I got to touch him,” she said, laughing.

    And of course, she said, she’s thanking CCMF and her kids.

    “My kids are awesome,” she said. “They’re just wonderful kids, and (have) huge hearts.”

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