More artists, new gallery for ArtFields 2018

ArtFields 2018 kicks off on Friday!

In five days, Lake City will be filled with thousands of people and hundreds of pieces of art.

ArtFields 2018 kicks off on Friday!

Robert Garey spends most of his time painting in his studio and for about nine months he worked on a piece called "The Golden Apple" for ArtFields.

"[The golden] apple was given to Aphrodite by Pariss. That act caused the Trojan war...we're still faced with choices and the consequences and thinking about the Internet," Garey said.

He’s one of over 420 artists selected for the annual Lake City competition.

"It’s a great thing. It’s very impressive what they’re doing down there," Garey said.

"We just want everybody to be inspired you know? Just to see things you wouldn’t normally see especially in a small town," Holly Shady, who is apart of the ArtFields team, said.

There are also more artists for the junior competition.

"We have a little over 200... it’s definitely grown in the past year so we just see that getting bigger and bigger," Shady said.

About 20,000 people visit the city for the nine day festival, and it's a big economic boost for the small city.

"It’s quite a stir of excitement to see everything kind of going up and everyone knows that we’re gonna have a lot of visitors," Shady said.

The artwork is hanging in 46 businesses and venues and with the growth over the years, there’s now a brand new gallery.

"We’re getting to a point that we’re gonna have more buildings and show more artwork and so we were so excited to have his come to town," Shady said.

As for Garey, it’s not about a possible prize, but showcasing his work.

"I just enjoy being apart of you know? I feel kind of at home down there," Garey said.

ArtFields ends the 28th. For a full list of events head to

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