Memorial rocks disappear from Conway garden

Dozens of rocks placed in a memorial garden in Conway have disappeared. (Pic: WPDE)

Dozens of rocks placed in a memorial garden in Conway have disappeared.

The Conway Rocks group created the Collins Park memorial after the CresCom Bank robbery in August 2017 left two women dead.

Members of the Conway community came together to create a display of kindness in the face of the tragedy and to memorialize Katie Skeen, 36, of Green Sea, and Donna Majors, 59, of Conway.

In a gated off area of Collins Park there is a spot to place painted rocks.

Last week, the rocks disappeared and members of the Conway Rocks group are upset, according to the Facebook page.

The group founder tells us at least 75 rocks were taken. She says the group did not file a police report because they do no consider it to be a police matter.

There is a sign at the garden that reads, "Do not remove rocks."

Groups that paint rocks have popped up across the country. Normally, the idea is to paint rocks, often with kind messages, and then hide them around a city. If you find a rock you are supposed to re-hide it for someone else to find. You are also advised to take a picture of it and post the photo on the Facebook page with where you found it.

The rocks dedicated to the memorial were not to be moved and hidden.

A spokesperson for the City of Conway says there are surveillance cameras in the park, but they do not have a good angle of the memorial rock garden.

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