McLeod Health expands ER in Chesterfield County


McLeod Health has expanded its emergency department at its hospital in Cheraw to help better serve patients in Chesterfield and Marlboro Counties, according to a news release.

The release said, "Committed to providing excellent quality care and improving the healthcare of those it serves from the Midlands to the Coast, McLeod Health continues to invest in services and technology in an unceasing effort to meet the health needs of the region. Expansion of the emergency department at McLeod Health Cheraw underscores this commitment by McLeod Health to provide treatment, services and healthcare to the residents in the surrounding communities."

President and CEO of McLeod Health Rob Colones made remarks at the ceremony.

As a place of healing we call healthcare, McLeod Health is honored to open phase one of the McLeod Health Cheraw Emergency Department. McLeod Health is committed to being a place where caring is a moment by moment action. Where people are treated with respect and dignity. Where we strive to provide excellent, quality care in our region and improve healthcare to those we serve. This new emergency department will clearly execute McLeod’s vision in Chesterfield and Marlboro Counties and beyond.

The expanded emergency department features 23 spacious exam rooms with advanced diagnostic equipment, including two trauma rooms dedicated to advanced resuscitation of critical patients. The open floor plan creates a comfortable environment for patients and their families, and supports efficiency in patient flow.

“A large percentage of our hospital admissions arrive through the emergency department,” said Mib Scoggins, administrator for McLeod Health Cheraw. “This is their first impressions of our efficiency, quality and service. The new emergency department accommodates the healthcare demands of our growing population and provides access to quality healthcare when emergency services are needed.”

Officials said the modern, architectural design of the emergency department provides attendees the opportunity to freely explore the facility. “At McLeod Health Cheraw, we care for our neighbors and friends as well as those travelers who pass through our area and experience a traumatic event,” said Scoggins. “The emergency department expansion is just the first step in our promise to offer quality medical care to each of our communities.”

Many people in Marlboro County travel to neighboring Chesterfield County for medical treatment at the ER because Marlboro Park hospital in Bennettsville closed in April of 2015.

At the time, many rallied for the hospital to remain open.

Hospital officials said at the time, the facility experienced 14 patients per day occupancy in 2014.

According to, the hospital operated at a $10 million loss.

Many people in the Marlboro County community said they're glad the ER has expanded in Cheraw, but they would like for another hospital to open in Marlboro County.

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