Marlboro County voters to decide on $10 million school bond referendum for improvements

Marlboro County voters will decide on a bond referendum for school improvements in the November 6 election. (MGN Graphic)

Voters in Marlboro County are set to cast their ballots on November 6 in a referendum that will allow the Marlboro County School District to issue bonds not to exceed $10 million to pay for renovations, safety and security improvements.

Literature on the referendum by way of the district's website says, "Voters have to give the school district permission to borrow for a project of this size even though the referendum will not require a tax increase. The district can not issue more than 8% of the taxable assessed value without getting permission from the taxpayers. The 8% limit is about $5.8 million for the district."

The money will be used for the following projects:

Upgrade of all safety and security functions in each building to include 100% visibility, DVR security cameras and fully operational panels.

New construction at Bennettsville Intermediate School to include a new cafeteria and a new and remodeled auditorium for the school district and community.

Upgrade dilapidated restroom facilities and water stations in all buildings.

Upgrade for elementary playground equipment.

The district will pay back the bonds without raising taxes, according to information on linked to its website.

It said, "Millage will be levied and collected on all taxable property in the school district necessary to make the principal and interest payments on the referendum bonds over a 20 year period. The district established a target millage in 2008 which has remained in effect since then. That millage, assuming no growth or reduction in taxable value, will be adequate to pay the referendum debt without an increase."

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