Man, woman reunite with officers who saved them from drowning in flood

Amber kisses her little girl, Autumn

A man and woman who nearly drowned in a flooded ditch in Conway over the weekend were reunited on Wednesday with the Horry County Sheriff's Department officers who saved them.

"I could not imagine losing her and what she would have to go through, and that was really my main concern is that my baby is never going to get to see her momma again," said Amber Lloyd, 28, who was pulled from the drainage ditch on Harris Shortcut Road.

She said thoughts of her daughter are what made her survive.

Lloyd was walking with her friend, Nick Streibig, to get supplies on Sunday, because the road was shut down to traffic. That's when they both fell into the flooded ditch.

"I panicked, because I felt the current starting to pull me, and I realized there was a drain there," Lloyd recalled. "I had about a 5-10 second struggle to pull myself out, but there was nothing to hold onto, and I felt it sweep me by my feet."

"I was underwater, and it was quick," added Streibig. "I remember seeing her. I tried swimming towards her, and as soon as I started swimming I got sucked down."

Streibig was pulled all the way through the drainage pipe, while Lloyd was stuck.

Luckily, three officers with the Horry County Sheriff's Department were in the right place at the right time and jumped in to rescue Lloyd and Streibig.

"We waited for a second and heard a scream so we jumped out of the car, ran through the water and jumped in the drainage pipe." said Donnell Hargrove, a corrections officer.

Lloyd was unconscious when she was pulled from the pipe.

"She was pretty much gone as far as I'm concerned, because she was very blue, purplish," said Lt. Scott Bower, who pulled Lloyd onto the bed of his truck until EMS arrived.

All three officers performed CPR, saving Lloyd's life. It was an emotional moment that is hard for the officers to put into words.

"Great," said Lt. Bower of the feeling he experienced afterwards. "It was good. I was rooting for her, believe me."

"I actually got to see a positive impact on somebody," said Jake Thompkins, a corrections officer who also helped saved Lloyd and Streibig.

Lloyd was in the hospital for two days, days she spent searching for the men who saved her and was happy to finally be reunited with her heroes.

"They are heroes and angels in my eyes, all three of them," she said.

Lloyd and Streibig said they now understand how strong floodwaters are, and they warn others to listen to law enforcement when they tell people to stay inside their homes.

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