Man accused of Garden City abduction is convicted murderer


The man accused of trying to abduct a woman in Garden City last week is not a first-time offender. ABC 15 learned today that he is also a convicted murderer.

A woman was jogging down Waccamaw in Georgetown County around 8 a.m. when she says he tried to grab her.

An hour earlier, police in Horry County say something similar happened to another jogger.

Some people who lived near him say they feel better that Jeremiah Dicapua is behind bars, but knowing about his criminal past and knowing he was right there in their community raises questions and concerns about why he was ever released from prison.

Dicapua is in the Georgetown County Detention Center on a kidnapping charge, but this is not the 67 year-old's first run in with the law.

Alise and Dina found out today he was living just one street over from them.

"We think of this neighborhood as being relatively safe, so we are just shocked that somebody who could do such a violent act could be so close to us," said Alise.

The abduction attempts happened near Waccamaw and Moonfish.

We pulled his criminal background report and found Dicapua was convicted of murder in 1980 and sentenced to life.

We checked in with the Horry County Solicitor's Office to learn why he ever got out. Officials there say back then the law allowed an inmate to be eligible for parole after serving 20 years. Before the 1990s, inmates could have parole hearings once a year, but now that's not how it works. Dicapua got out before the law changed.

Neighbors say, they are keeping their guards up.

"That's gonna make us even more aware. In this neighborhood we have a Facebook page and it will be posted on the Facebook page to make sure you're keeping an eye out. If you need to walk to your car and feel afraid, let somebody know. I will come out and help somebody, anybody in this neighborhood would really help the next person," said Dina.

According to detention center records, in May, Dicapua was arrested for arson and driving under the influence, but in previous years he's faced charges for shoplifting and manufacturing drugs.

On Friday he was positively identified as the suspect who tried to snatch a jogger, but she was able to escape.

"I think we need to treat people the way they want to be treated and we have to take care of our neighborhoods. Stop letting people take over and make us afraid," said Dina.

Some say fear isn't the answer, rather vigilance and making sure you know who your neighbors are.

Dicapua was arrested for the attempted kidnapping in Georgetown County, but we are still working for you to find out if he is also the suspect wanted for the attempted kidnapping a couple of streets down in Horry County.

We update you when we find out when he will face a judge.

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