Major who discovered baby: 'I will definitely have that picture imprinted in my memory'

A growing memorial in Harlee's memory sits at the end of Daisy Lewis Lane.

One Chesterfield County deputy and a major found 11-month-old Harlee Lane Lewis Tuesday afternoon.

"Seeing that baby laying in the box so innocent, pure, beautiful little girl with her whole life ahead of her," Major Briana Davis said.

Davis said she had a gut feeling they'd find the baby.

"I knew that it was not going to be good. That that baby was going to be in that box and that she was not gonna be alive," Davis said.

When she and her partner arrived on scene for a child abduction, Davis said the scene didn't match Brianne Lewis's, the infant's mom, story.

She said the mother told her she ran back into her home for a cell phone but there were no foot prints.

"I was looking for dig marks in the dirt because it is a dirt road you would see a foot print or a dig mark from a run," Davis said.

Then she noticed tire tracks.

"Where a vehicle looked like it went in a path behind the house. Halfway between the house and where we found the baby we saw foot tracks," Davis said.

After following those prints, her partner spotted the diaper box.

"It wasn't rained on, no weather not faded or anything. He asked me if I wanted to check it; he passed me a glove. I opened it up and there was baby Harlee," Davis said.

Davis is a mom herself. She says seeing Harlee in a trash bag is an image that will last a lifetime.

"Oh I will I will definitely have that picture imprinted in my memory," Davis said.

A growing memorial in Harlee's memory sits at the end of Daisy Lewis Lane. The people we talked to said they didn't know Harlee or the family, but wanted to place flowers, toys and pictures in her honor.

The sheriff says more needs to be done to help kids in unsafe homes in South Carolina.

A vigil will be held at the county court house on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

WPDE also spoke with Shannon Lewis, the grandmother of the 11-month-old.

She said the family is planning a private funeral for Harlee -- "I want her to be put to rest in peace."

She also said she has "no desire in getting Breanna out of jail as I won't be bailing her out. I've never said that. People are twisting things around. I loved my granddaughter. This is so heartbreaking. I've never been torn on this. I want people to understand our family is grieving right now and please have some decency to respect that we loved her dearly."

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