Lumberton woman recounts events after thieves steal pickup with her grandchild inside

Photo credit: 41 Grocery

A Lumberton woman said she feared for her 3-week-old great granddaughter's life after a pickup the child was in was stolen from her yard on Mimosa Street in Lumberton.

The woman didn't want her name released, but said her granddaughter had stop by her home Monday evening.

She said her granddaughter left the pickup running with the 3-week-old inside only to bring her 3-year-old daughter in the house.

The woman said her granddaughter didn't get a chance to even come in the home before thieves took off in her truck.

“She wasn’t going to come in. She just took the 3-year-old baby inside. And was going to go back to the car. The truck, and turned around and it was somebody have got in it. She was just screaming and hollering in running after it. And then it went down towards the park and she just ran back in the house and got the phone and called 911 and the police were just here in no time.”

She added police arrived to her home within minutes. Officers immediately fanned out all over Mimosa Street and adjoining streets looking for the gray grey in color 2014 Ford F-150.

The woman said it was like a nightmare.

“We were just so shocked. We just didn’t know what to do. It was just about like a lifetime. Just felt like it was ours. "

Within 20 minutes, the pickup was found still running on a dirt road next to 41 Grocery on Highway 41 North just outside the city limits of Lumberton.

Store employees shared surveillance video of the truck with us. In it, you see a man driving. He backs out and then goes just a few feet away on the dirt road.

A few minutes later, the video shows two men get out of the truck with it still running. The men calmly walk away.

Ravonda Locklear, who works at 41 Grocery, said a customer heard a baby crying inside the truck and alerted them to what was going on.

“A customer was walking by the truck heard he baby crying. And he stopped, hesitated. Looked back to see if they were any adult in the truck. And I guess he seen it was unattended. Told one of the employees. They both walk to the truck they check to see if there was anybody in the truck there was not. So, then that’s when they went to the back seat and open the truck and got the baby out and then they brought the baby inside so the baby would at least feel a little bit safe. In the inside. Not in the dark by itself. Three weeks old," said Locklear.

Tomaris Lewis was working at the store when his fellow co-worker brought the baby inside.

“When they bring the baby and, it was crying. But like, we had a nurse that came. She comes in and buy stuff. And then when we bring the baby and, the nurse took over. Got the baby to stop crying and good thing that she was here. To make sure the baby was all right. But it broke my heart completely, " said Lewis.

Anyone with information concerning this investigation should call the Lumberton Police Department and speak with Detective Deana Locklear at 910-671-3845.

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