Lumberton High School freshman speaks out about attack: 'She came up behind me'

A Lumberton High School freshman says she was walking to class when she was attacked by another student last Thursday.

A Lumberton High School freshman says she was walking to class when she was attacked by another student last Thursday.

"I was walking to class, second period, and she came up behind me with a box cutter and cut me," Jessica Tamicho said.

Her mother, Anita Jackson, said she received a call from her older daughter, who also goes to the high school, about what happened.

"It was a nightmare. I didn't know the extent of the damages she had done because it was blood everywhere," Jackson said.

Tamicho was cut above her eye and on the scalp. They said thankfully the principal was in the hallway to stop it.

"The teachers and administration are in the hallways. It ended quickly, thank goodness," Jackson said.

Tamicho said she and the other student used to be friends, but had a falling out and since then and said there have been threats on social media and altercations in person.

"It's been an on going drama," Tamicho said.

"I know that girls have drama but being cut and blindsided in a hallway, it had reached to another level," Jackson said.

Jackson is now asking the school to make changes.

"Install the metal detectors in the school, for the safety of the children. As parents we need to be advocates for our children and make sure they're safe," Jackson said.

We reached out to the school district. In a statement, Tasha Oxendine, the district's public relations officer said, the school resource officer and administrators investigated and appropriate disciplinary measures were taken.

Tamicho hopes to return to school this week.

"I would feel safer if there were metal detectors," Tamicho said.

The full statement from the Robeson County School District said,

There was an incident between two students at Lumberton High School on Thursday, February 8, 2018 at approximately 10 am. Principal Larry Obeda was in the same hallway and immediately responded and stopped the altercation between the students. Appropriate disciplinary measures were taken to address the incident. District Administrators and School Resource Officers with the Public Schools of Robeson County assisted with the investigation.
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