Loris woman gets news she's waited 45 years to hear: 'I'll have a backyard!'

Loris woman gets news she's waited 45 years to hear (Ashley Gooden/WPDE)

There's a problem in Loris--there are ditches that have caused issues for decades for the people living near them.

For Carletta Melvin, it's been a problem for 45 years. She had to deal with snakes and bad odors, but for her the worst part was not being able to spend time gardening in her backyard.

Little by little, the ditch in her backyard started caving in. She complained to City of Loris officials time and time again, and after being told "no"so many times she said her faith in the city dwindled, but she never lost all hope.

"All my life, I been paying town and county taxes and nobody would come to my rescue. That's the hardest part about it," said Melvin.

Wednesday, Melvin got some news she's been waiting for for 45 years.

"Well, myself and councilman Harrleson and the City of Loris, we just purchased--and it just showed up--enough tile to tile in all the way back here and give you every bit of your yard back," said Brandon Harrelson, a building official for the city.

Tears of joy streamed down Melvin's face when she heard the news. "I'll have a backyard!" she yelled.

She's already thinking about plans for the future.

"We're gonna all cook and eat, and have a good time," said Melvin.

"It would be great to have a bunch of Ms. Melvins in the city. That makes our job easier," said Harrelson, who also bragged on Melvin's persistence.

Melvin is seeing the change she's been waiting for, and now her job is done.

"God is good, all the time," said Melvin after hugging both Councilmen Todd Harrelson and Brandon Harrelson.

Brandon Harrelson says the work on the ditch will begin next week and take 5 to 10 business days.

Melvin says she's looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with her family in her new backyard.

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