Locals offer mixed reactions to Boy Scout decision


Grand Strand residents have two very distinct opinions when talking about the Boy Scouts' decision to allow girls to participate in the organization.

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There are parents who say girls have their own activities to participate in.

"There's already Boy Scouts and there's Girl Scouts, so why do girls need to be in Boy Scouts?" Sarah Deschamps asked.

On the other side, many parents say they don't care, or support the move.

"I think when kids are younger, gender's not such a big difference," Allison Stack said.

ABC15 spoke to a local scoutmaster who told us that he would not mind girls joining his troop.

The announcement from the national leaders of the Boy Scouts explains that the decision to allow girls will be left to local troop leaders, and will affect Cub Scouts first beginning in 2018.

It says girls will be allowed to form their own den within a Cub Scout pack.

Older girls are expected to be welcomed in 2019.

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