Local photographer releases 'Trumpography' book


There's a new book out tonight about President Donald Trump and it was written by a Myrtle Beach photographer.

Gene Ho was President Trump's chief campaign photographer.

He decided to write a book using all the pictures he captured on the campaign trail.

Ho told ABC 15 today that as he was piecing the pictures together, he began to find connections with President Donald Trump and the Bible.

"I found people in the Bible that I read about and, low and behold, Trump did the same things. I want people to read with an open mind and have people, have been taking this book and just reading it and check it out. Read it with an open mind and then go from there," said Ho.

"Trumpography: How Biblical Principles Paved the Way to the American Presidency" is now a best seller on Amazon.

Ho says he is going to send President Trump a copy and he believes he will enjoy it.

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