Public safety officers earn 'shamrocks' for facing down fire at city complex last month

(North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue Facebook page)

On Wednesday, three North Myrtle Beach public safety officers (PSOs) were awarded honorary 'shamrocks' for facing down their first fire last month.

Around 10:30 p.m. on August 31, crews were alerted to a fire at the North Myrtle Beach Shipping/Receiving Warehouse and Fleet Maintenance complex.

It took fire crews more than two hours to put out the three alarm fire, and smoke remained heavy in the air for much longer.

One firefighter even suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Now, nearly a month later, some of those involved in the fire fight are being recognized for their efforts.

On the North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue Facebook page, officials said it's all part of a tradition that was started in 2015, following suit with Horry County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Matt Smith.

As the tradition goes, Shamrock helmet stickers are issued to any probationary firefighter or public safety officer who faces their first interior fire attack or for an outstanding job for their work at a true "working fire."

The tradition was originally intended to honor HCFR Captain Tweet Brady's legacy, who always liked to acknowledged when a firefighter went above and beyond, the post said.

Officials say, since the first two were given out in 2015, only two others have been awarded in North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue.

Now, three others have joins the ranks of the shamrock--PSO's Kyle Smith, Lori Hale and Arthur Pease.

The posts said they were awarded their shamrocks for working hard along with NMB firefighters and mutual aid companies that were on scene that night.

"Great work guys and wear those Shamrocks proudly!" officials said.

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