Local family adds sixth child on annual S.C. Adoption Day: 'He is finally our forever'

Local family ads sixth child on South Carolina's Adoption Day (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

It's five days until Christmas and 570 kids in South Carolina are still looking for a family to celebrate with. But, on Wednesday, one little boy did find his forever home at the Horry County courthouse for Adoption Day.

"Happiness, joy, relief," said Jim Walker, who adopted Nathan Walker.

Nathan is the sixth child of Shannon and Jim Walker. His older siblings range from 24 years old to 7 years old.

"I was okay with it because it's like, 'What's another one?" said Nathan's new big sister, Trinity Walker.

"They love it. They fight over whose turn it is to get him," said Shannon, Nathan's new mom.

Shannon and Jim say it was love at first sight with Nathan, who has special needs.

"We have to make plans and go to appointments, but it just ... when we first saw him, we just knew instantly that that was it--he was the one," said Shannon.

The family also has two foster children, meaning Shannon and Jim have eight kids in total.

"It's just overwhelming how many children need either a temporary home or a permanent home," said Shannon.

Even though they are constantly on the go, the Walkers took time to celebrate their new addition.

"We're just so excited that today he is finally our forever," said Shannon.

For more information on how you can adopt or become a foster parent, you can visit Heart Gallery South Carolina's website or the South Carolina Department of Social Services website.

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