Local coffee shop donates time, profits for Hurricane Florence victims

C3 Coffee Shop in Conway donated time and its profits for two month to Hurricane Florence victims (Liz Cooper/WPDE)

C3 Coffee Shop in Conway stands for 'coffee', 'community', and 'Conway'.

So when Hurricane Florence barreled through the area, general manager Matt Mitchell didn't hesitate to help those in need.

"The entire reason we are here is to drink coffee and do something," explained Mitchell.

C3 is a nonprofit that partners with Rock Church. Their monthly profits go back to the community through the church.

For the months of September and October, Mitchell says they decided to donate their profits and their tips to Hurricane Florence victims.

"It was time and an opportunity for us to put the money where our mouth is," said Mitchell. "We were not only able to give out finances but also physically go out and help. Our management team, our baristas being in people's houses, mucking them out, helping with the deconstruction and reconstruction process. All of that is birthed out of the idea we just want to drink coffee and do something."

Rock Church has an app where people can sign up if they need assistance.

Mitchell says it was through that process they found those people in need, but also just being in the community after the storm.

"We literally just drove through neighborhoods," he said. "We would see people moving stuff and say, 'hey, you need some help?' And they were like, 'Yes.'"

Mitchell says it's in their values as a nonprofit to be responsive in times of need.

"We believe that people matter. We believe that Conway matters," said Mitchell.

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